Monday, March 21, 2022

Idaho Custom Creations April Tiered Tray Kit, New Signs and a Video!

The April Tiered Tray Kit from Idaho Custom Creations is...FLOWERS!! 

There are also new inserts for the Round Interchangeable Sign, two new jar filler for the Target Gumball machine and a new sign for Mothers Day. 
Lots to see here today!

My tray is from Felt Creative Home Goods and can be purchased HERE
 I have one in brown and white.

As a reminder, the kit comes unfinished and with everything you need to complete it, including paint.  It is a monthly subscription through Idaho Custom Creations.  Michelle owns the company, I just paint for her and enjoy all her products!
She offers the subscription kit as well as regular products for sale in her shop, and she takes custom orders. 

I often use my own paint so I can coordinate it with my home decor, but his month I used the colors that come in the kit and made a video (at the bottom of this post) showing you some of the tips and tricks I use when painting as well as how to mix this months paint to get additional colors.

Theses are the pieces that come in this months kit.
Below are close ups of the pieces as styled in my tier tray.

These flowers as well as the tulips below are both this month's choices for jar filler.  I love the new double sided way she is making these.  You need fewer pieces for a bigger impact!

Three new Interchangeable Sign choices this month. 
Also available with this link is the starter kit in case you want to get a sign this month.

A new sign for Mother's Day.


If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen my tiny tier tray, aka Hobby Lobby tier tray. Well, HL has them back in black (you can paint it) with their summer products if you want to pick one up. If you don't have a HL, Michelle will carry a select few in her shop, while supplies last, along with a very fun custom  MINI TIER TRAY STARTER KIT!!! Oh my, I'm dying, it is so perfect...and I will show it to you on Instagram first, later this week.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting !!! LOVED the video, learned so many things ♥