Monday, July 30, 2007

Off to Denver!

Hi ladies,

I am off to Denver for the Stampin' Up! convention this morning. Can't wait to meet up with my California friends. It will be 4 days of fun, fun, fun!!

I wanted to clear up some questions I've been receiving...first, you register for Catalog Kick-Off through Suzie just like years past. Mail or take her the registration and you can pick up the new catalog early if you don't want to wait for the CKO. I won't be working the kick-off this year but will be back in October for the annual 10/$10. I've put in for the first Saturday in October at Royer Park and will let you all know. Invitations will go out mid September. I can only accept the first 40.

Secondly, I am still your demonstrator for as long as you would like. I can take your orders by e-mail or phone and have them shipped directly to you. I started this blog so you can continue to get ideas and see what I am doing. I am in no way leaving you abandon to find another demonstrator :) Eventually some of you who want to continue to do stamp club and attend classes may find another demonstrator who can fill your needs and that is ok too, I definitely understand that! That is why I had Lori at the open house with her display of card classes. Other demonstrators that I would recommend who are actively doing classes and stamp clubs are Suzie Barnes and Janice Urke. You can e-mail me if you want more info on their classes. I hope this helps answer some of the questions you might have and ease your feelings of abandonment...we may all need counseling over this!! :)

We are getting settled in quite nicely here. I register the boys for school in two weeks. George is very happy with his job. My family will be here Friday night for the weekend. It's been a year and I can't wait to see them all again. They seem to think Christmas will be at my house this year...don't I get a break on the first year? I have had many requests for pictures of the house and my new stamping cubby. When I return form Denver I'll take a few and post them. It's small but it beats the heck out of stamping at the dining room table and getting it all cleaned up before dinner!

I'll have exciting things to share after the convention, so check back Monday. I already know that Sell-A-Bration will be February 1-March 31. Can't wait for other exciting announcements!!

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