Thursday, July 19, 2007

We're Here!

I thought I would take a minute from unpacking the thousand boxes of whatever it is that I carried all the way from California, to say hi and we made it! The movers came Tuesday morning and I've been unpacking every since. I have the downstairs living area pretty much done and am heading upstairs to the bedrooms the rest of the week. I am moving at record speed...I have stamping to do! I got into a little bit of my stamping stuff last night to make sure all my boxes were in the right spot for unpacking and appearently when they load the moving van they turn things on the side or in this case upside down. My Rubbermaid drawer thing is all topsy turvy and brads and eyelets and buttons are everywhere! I'll have to pay one of the boys to sit there and sort. It's a mess but it's all here!

I have pictures from the open house to post probably tomorrow. Thank you to everyone who came to it and all the well wishes on the move. I was a little overwhelmed by the support I received! My customers and friends are the best :)

Take care!

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  1. Glad you (and your stuff!!!) arrived safely. Thinking of you often and checking your blog frequently!!!