Monday, August 20, 2007

Catalog Kick-Off

Thank you to all who attended the Catalog Kick-Off in Roseville!

Suzie faxed me all the orders; thank you very much for ordering even though I wasn't there. Several of you have e-mailed me to say you enjoyed the day and wished I was there. I appreciate that! I wish I was there too.

I'll get all the orders in this week and have them to you ASAP!
Thanks again for all your support :)

10 for $10 update.....

I will be back in town October 6th for my annual 10 for $10 at Royer Park from 9 to noon. Invitations will go out the first week of September and as you know attendance is on a first come first served basis. Those of you who attended the Saturday session of CKO saw the sign up sheet for it. I have it here now, but you still have to respond to me by phone or e-mail once you receive your invitation. No credit cards will be taken on class fees. Call me or e-mail me, I'll put you on the list and you'll have a four days to get your registration money to me. Usually I am pretty flexible about deadlines but this time you have to RSVP by September 15th. I have to get papers cut and mail everything ahead of time as I am flying in and my arms can't carry it all. :) Get it?? Seriously though, I have to have a deadline for this so if you really want to attend, please notify me early.

My mom was here last week for a visit . It was nice to see her again; I think it had been about a year! This is the first time I've seen my mom alone without my sisters or a holiday gathering in 15 years. There was no stamping going on while she was here...most of you know how she feels about handmade cards! If not, I'll be glad to share the funny story with you....Several years ago during my first year of stamping and enjoying my brand new hobby, my mom called to ask if we were ok. I said of course we are, why? She said she was just thinking things must be really tight for us in California if I have to make my own cards!!! Don't we have a dollar store??? Clearly, she just does NOT 'get' the whole stamping thing and still doesn't! It was good to see her though!

I'll have some more to post later this week. I'm stamping tomorrow :) Thanks again for attending the catalog kick-off and a special thank you to Suzie and Jennifer for taking great care of my friends and customers.

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