Saturday, September 27, 2008

An Eventful Weekend So Far

It's only Saturday afternoon and it's already been an eventful weekend! It all started last night when Nicholas came down the banister and landed into the wall. No he wasn't hurt in the accident...just after! Kidding, I didn't kill him Ü The boys have been sliding down the banister since they were really little. Benjamin started at about 4-5 when he first saw Mary Poppins come sliding down the banister. Nicholas being the adventurous kind was about 2 when he got his stool from the bathroom, climbed up and slid down for the first time. After than, it became a game, then a battle, then they won, I wasn't going to fight it anymore. They've NEVER fallen, NEVER had an accident and NEVER done anything too wild or crazy. Through 2 houses and 8 years it had been their mode of transportation down the stairs...ahhh, the life with boys! Last night on a normal trip down the stairs, Nicholas tripped up somehow for the 1st time ever and landed his knee in the wall. It's only about 8" in diameter, nothing a little spackle won't fix...NOT!!!
Today we went to the corn maze. This year's theme was called 'The Left or the Right'...any guesses? Yes, it was a maze of Obama and Mc Cain. You can see it here It was pretty amusing, we got lost a couple of times but not bad.
After that we went into the pumpkin patch. It was OK, nothing like our beloved Bishop's Pumpkin Farm in CA, but I guess a pumpkin is a pumpkin after all.
And of course the Pig Races! I think this one was with Arnold Schwartzhogger, Kevin Bacon, Squeely Nelson and Miss Piggy. Arnold won, he is the second one in line here.
I have been stamping! I have 2 swap things to share with you tomorrow, but I would never want the focus taken off these oh so exciting events. Oh, it's a wonderful life, isn't it?? *Ü*


  1. Thank goodness Nicholas did not hurt his knee, my grandson is the same way, he thinks the only way to come down the stairs is via the bannister. Gotta love little boys.

  2. OMG, those boys look like they are handfuls. Just the smile on Nicholas' face showing off his "handy work". But then again, they look so sweet when they smile, how can you punish them? ;-) I'm glad he is okay.