Monday, September 1, 2008

Upclose of the oval Coluzzle template cutting the backpack flap on the 6th line from the center.Backpack flap needs 1/8" holes at the score line for a ribbon, about 1" from each edge. You'll also need to punch holes on the section that you adhesive to the backpack so the ribbons will go through both sections.
Upclose of the oval Coluzzle template cutting the pocket flap on the 4th line from the center. Pocket should look similar to this before you put it together.
Lay a piece of DSP over the flap and pocket tops. Add adhesive and cut around the half circle to cover.
Fold on all score lines. Gently bend the sides in so you can close the backpack at the top, you know, squish the tops of the sides!
Use your 1/8" hole punch to punch 2 holes at the top, side by side in the center about 1/2" down and 2 holes at the bottom, about 1/2" from the edge and bottom equally.
You'll need about 6" of ribbon for the backpack straps x2 and about 8" of the ribbon you use for the top loop. Make sure you have enough ribbon to get your fingers in there and tie a knot! I don't know, maybe I learned that from experience :o)