Sunday, December 7, 2008

Busy Weekend!

What a fun and busy weekend!

Friday night the boys had their Christmas Piano Recital. Since Benjamin is still under the weather recovering from his tonsillectomy, Nicholas performed alone. He was fabulous and loved getting all the attention to himself! He was getting one more practice in before we left.
He played Joy to The World perfectly Ü

I always try to get a few pictures of each occasion, especially when they are dressed up. However goof ball here, is sometimes just too cool for the photo session and doesn't have time to hold still so mom can do her 'mom thing'!! This the REAL Nicholas!

Festival of Trees Tea Party

Saturday I attended the Festival of Trees Tea Luncheon. I drove 2 hours, picked up my big sister Cindy, and we drove 2 more hours to my little sister Kerry, and the tea party. We had such a fun day looking at all the beautiful trees, wreaths and Gingerbread houses. It was sponsored by the hospital Kerry works at (and I used to work at when we lived there 15 years ago) in Pocatello. The top photo is a look down onto the tea tables as they were being set up for the luncheon. Absolutely gorgeous!!!! Each one was sponsored by a business or individual.
We sat at the purple and silver table. This was our centerpiece and place settings.

This photo unfortunately has too much light coming in from the window to see how cool it was. I wanted this tree BAD but it was already sold! It had the most darling decorations and real lighted lamps in it!! Instead I was the winning bidder on a lighted wreath that was decorated with Bath & Body Works little lotions and candies and is super cute. My sister has to pick it up tomorrow for me since I am home now and 4 hours away. She will probably keep it instead of shipping it to me because that is what little sisters do!
More Milk Cartons!

My downline and friend Rhonda Kelly is going to town on these things! Here are two more.


  1. what beautiful tables and place setting. you're right about that tree, too - gorgeous!

  2. He is such handsome young man!
    The Festival of Trees is always so much fun. We have one here but I have not been the last couple of years. I just love their trees, they are always so beautiful.
    Thanks for posting my boxes too, I just love them! they are so easy to make once you get the hang of it!

  3. I with you Becky on the tree, it is way cool. My mom went to a holiday parade of homes in Arizona and she said the trees were decorated with large unusual items, so she it to her tree also...looks very cool!!!

  4. what beautiful tables and place setting. you're right about that tree, too - gorgeous!
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