Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Animal Stories Milk Carton Container

I knew the minute I saw the new Animal Stories stamp set & Tall Tales DSP they would make a darling Milk Carton Container. I couldn't wait to get it finished!

I used the same Milk Carton Container Tutorial available on the sidebar that is shown using the Holiday Lineup Christmas set. The tutorial is $3.95 and is e-mailed directly to your inbox. If interested, you can order it here.
I covered a few Hershey Nuggets with the Tall Tales DSP to stuff inside of the boxes.

Instead of tearing open the top of the box to get to the candy, I made a trap door for the bottom!

Benjamin is taking a Wilton cake decorating class! This was week #2 and the project was a rainbow cake.

He's 13 years old and is loving it!!!


  1. hi,
    it´s a wonderful cake!


  2. OH MY GOOOODNESS!! Need I say more? heehee... i absolutely LOVE that milk carton crete! TOTALLY AWESOME!
    The cake looks yummy too!!


  3. Luv your milk carton container! I will have to purchase it from you soon.

    You son is very talented! The cake is beautiful!


  4. The milk carton set looks fantastic Becky. Way to go Benjamin some of the best cake decorators in the world are men. . .you go get em!!!
    P.S. I have many of your tutorials Becky and love them.

  5. OMGoodness, I want him to make ME a cake. That is wonderful! I wish I could do that.

  6. Another great Milk Carton Becky! Tell Benjamin that I said his cake is just WONDERFUL!

  7. Great milk carton containers.

    Wow Benjamin, great job - love how it turned out.

  8. Becky, this has to be my favorite Milk Carton you've done so far! I love the pattern I bought way back when and really AM going to get one done. Ü

    Great job Benjamin! It must be the name. My Benjamin (16) loves to cook and bake. Keep up the good work. Ü

  9. the milk cartons look great with the set and dsp, becky. too cute.

    do you have a future chef in the making? his cake looks wonderful!


  10. Love your Milk Cartons. Your son is doing an amazing job on his cake!

  11. OHH Duff from Ace of Cakes better watch out!! :) Love it!

  12. Love this design on the milk cartons and am so excited that I have this tutorial!!!

    Benjamin ... great cake ... Ace of Cakes, move over!

  13. Becky, you are AMAZING! Your milk carton design is over-the-top brilliant! I'm so proud to say that I know the ORIGINAL MILK CARTON DESIGNER!!! I've seen some other milk carton designs, and yours is by far the nicest! Your design makes a perfect gift with clean lines and impeccable design! I purchased the tutorial and can't WAIT to make one!

  14. He is doing a great job on cake decorating. I did it for years and it is not as easy as it looks. Keep practicing!

  15. WOW! He can bake and decorate my cakes anytime! He did a fantastic job! I always wanted to take a cake decorating class but didn't think I'd be good at it.

  16. What talent, creativity must run in your family, I have an award for you on my blog.

  17. Hi
    I am a brand new SU demonstrator in France and I love all what you do! thanks for sharing! chris

  18. His rainbow cake is fantastic! I loved course 1 and can't wait to take course 2.

    I love the Tall Tales milk carton. It's so cute!

  19. I loved those classes as well and we now make beautiful cakes in my Food Prep class. Make sure he watches "Ace of Cakes' on Food TV - I love it!

  20. Your milk carton crate is so fun, Becky! Love those new images! CUTE!

    Your son has done a FAB job on his cake...wow! I struggle at writing something on top...let alone decorating like that! Amazing job!

  21. Excellent! Many years ago - when I was about the same age as your son - I did a Wilton cake deco course in Melbourne. Following that, and for many years after, I decorated wedding cakes and novelty cakes. Gave me some great pocket money, especially as a teenager and a uni student!

  22. You totally Rock Ben... What a GREAT cake.. My 13 year old love to cook as well.