Sunday, August 2, 2009

More Convention Swaps

I'm done with my convention swaps! Yahoo! I made 27 for the WOW swap I'm in that I showed you earlier, and about 20 others for general swapping. Not bad since I only started a few days ago and am leaving Tuesday. I don't usually do a lot of swapping, I did early on but after 8 years I kind of have that out of my system. :)

I found this lovely lay-out on splitcoast stampers and decided to adapt it for all my cards.

Bloomin' Beautiful Stamp Set

Crazy For cupcakes Stamp Set

Thank you to Liz at Stampin With Liz for the Kreativ Blogger Award.


  1. I am in a WOW Swap too - I hope we are in the same one and I get to swap with you - those are fabulous cards!

  2. Wow, I feel a case coming on w/this layout! I love your card ensembles.

  3. Becky these are absolutely gorgeous. I hope I can find you before you are all swapped out. I love to swap and with all the swaps I make it shows. lol

    See you at convention.

  4. Your cards are beautiful! Lucky the ladies who get one.


  5. Love your swap card, Becky. I hope to meet you in person to swap.

  6. very beautiful Becky!!

  7. Makes me wish I was going to convention just to swap!

    I have a question, when I punch out my top note die, I find it difficult to separate at the perforation with out cutting. Did you cut out all your top note dies or is there an easier way to get the perforation to go all the way through? Do you know what I mean?

  8. These cards are beautiful Becky; great layout and I love the stamps you used and the colours are gorgeous. Well Done!!!
    Have fun at convention.

  9. I love how you used one layout and achieved so many different looks and feelings. Fantastic!

  10. OHHH so that is what's wrong w/me I had to STOP myself from making more swaps.. I already was in 10 org. swaps and then made 4 different sets of generals Swaps YEAH I went a little crazy! HEY its my 1st Convention! lol...

    I leave Tuesday and get to SLC at 10 am With God first!! WHOOP WHOOP Hope to see you there love! :)

  11. Lovely...I'd be thrilled to get a swap from you.

  12. Gorgeous swaps, truly stunning - hope you have a wonderful time - wish we went to the same convention - LOL