Sunday, June 13, 2010

Coffee House Reception

Several weeks ago I had the pleasure of helping a good friend prepare for her daughters wedding reception. It was so fun to add input but not be in charge for a change. Ü
She reserved Rembrandt's Coffee House for the evening. Here are the outside decorations.

I set up the candy buffet after she shopped for color coordinated candies.With the cakes out.
She bought giant paper lanterns for the ceiling.

And made paper flowers from tissue paper to hang with them. We covered the dessert counter so no one would think they could buy anything.
Pretty fun, huh??


  1. Very pretty!! I'm so loving the candy table.

  2. It looks like it was incredible fun! Great colors too!

  3. This is fantastic !!! We're doing a candy bar at Jess/Scott's wedding too :) !!!!!

    I can hardly wait to show Jessica these pictures !!

    Love ya...miss ya :(!

  4. Great job on decporating - lots of satisfying work!!!! Everyone will be in awe of the atmosphere. Colors are fab, too. Reminds me of the work that went into my neice's wedding event. TFS