Monday, August 2, 2010

Downline Gifts From Convention

I bought a bunch of little things at Memento Mall while at convention to send to my first level downline.
Collapsible garbage cans for make-n-take table or stamp club.

Stampin' Up! rulers and taffy!

I bought this stamp at convention too. Ü
I got the tags made and everything in the mail before I left Wednesday. (I'm actually in Hawaii on vacation with my family as we speak.) Those of you who just signed up this week, your gift will be in the mail next week...but welcome to Inking Everything!!

I may or may not blog while I'm on vacation. If not, I'll be back at it on the 7th with something fabulous I'm sure...just as soon as I figure out what it is. :)

Tutorial orders will continue to go out regularly, no worries there!!


  1. Love your gifts to your downline!!! Have a fabulous vacation in Hawaii. Paradise is a great way to end the summer.


    Michelle -

  2. Oh wow you are here!! What island are you on? I hope you and your family enjoy your trip here.


  3. Becky, wishing you and "ohana" an awesome vacation while you are here on the islands. Aloha to yours...Melissa