Saturday, August 14, 2010

London Locks

I apologize that the links were not working earlier. They are all working now. Thank you for your comments asn e-mail!
Today I would like to introduce you to London Locks, a brand new Etsy store that my neighbor Kim Rosen just opened. Kim is the mother of 'my' two baby girls who I adore and send back home. :) They are absolutely precious and always look so darling in her custom made hair clips.

She is going to try a few consignment stores in the area also, so creative packaging is a must, right? As we were brain storming about how she could market these, we started clipping them on all kinds of things only to discover hair clips are not just for hair!!

There is a hair clip as an embellishment on the handle of this purse....
On the lovely dog model....
On Gracie's favorite boots, AND they are darling on patent leather shoes too...

And of course in the perfect model's hair!

Check out her store, London Locks on Etsy. She has a variety of hair clips for sale!
If you are interested in the packaging for the hair clips or any other small gift, a tutorial (Tres Chic Handbags) on how to make them yourself can be found HERE.


  1. WOW the two of you in business can make a fortune! Hers for the clips and you for your papercrafts. You go girl!

  2. Sorry Becky, the link didn't work. I have three granddaughters that I would LOVE to get these for. Can we try another link? Thanks for sharing!

  3. I can't get to her web site or Etsy Store by clicking on the links. Could you please fix them so I can go see her wonderful work? Thanks so much ;)

  4. DARLINg!!! :) Will go check out the Etsy store! What a combo, Kim & Becky Inc! Or INK? What a team!

  5. How beautiful! Really like the doggie. Thanks for sharing!!

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