Thursday, August 5, 2010

Zip Line and the Tiki

Well he boys survived the Zip Line! They LOVED it!!!

They said it was way too short, even though they went on 5 different lines. They wanted to do it over and over all day! Kids!
I don't have any pictures of the pedicure I was getting while the boys were dangling in the wind. :)

Benjamin had a cool experience yesterday. He's been shopping for one of these little Tiki's (I hope that is what they are called, if not, I'm sorry) since we got here. Finally we met a man that was hand carving them while we watched.
It was fascinating how he holds it with his feet and pounds away with his tools. Ben picked out the one for good luck and prosperity.

He asked if he wanted his name carved into it and it took literally one minute for him to carve out 'Benjamin, Maui 2010' in the most beautiful script writing!
Tomorrow is the big snorkeling adventure!


  1. That is amazing! Thanks for sharing your pictures! Keep having fun!!!!! :)

  2. wonderful pictures.... plz keep them coming....

  3. Zip line or pedicure ... pedicure any day! Here's to more lazy, fun summer days in paradise!

  4. That's really cool! Thanks for sharing a snippet of your vacation - I've never been to Hawaii but it's definitely on my list :)

  5. What a cool souvenier! Zipline pics remind me of when we ziplined in Puerto Vallarta a couple years ago. You should do it next time. It's fun !!!

  6. Thanks for sharing your pics...we haven't been to HI for some time. It is such a beautiful place to visit. How cool the way this man can carve. It's probably a dying art. Bless you and family.

  7. We're going back to Maui in October and I'd love to visit the Tiki Man!! Where was he??