Monday, December 27, 2010

A Year In Review Part 1

I thought I would take the last week of 2010 to do a year in review. I will be sharing with you my favorite project(s) of each month, favorite comments and answer a few questions. I'm so grateful to all of you for stopping by my blog, coming back for more, sending e-mail and leaving comments....2010 had been a fabulous year and I can't wait to review it myself!


In January, I participated in the Occasions Mini Catty Cruise and featured my Purse-onally Perfect Purse with Totally Tess cards. You can see that posting HERE.

I loved this pink herringbone pattern on the purse and the Sweet Pea Stitched Felt pieces and was thrilled when Totally Tess made it from the mini catalog to the big catalog that July.

Favorite comment said...
Becky - oh my goodness gracious gravy! This is adorable. What a great set. And the purse with the Sweet Peas?! Amazing!! Can I just say I'm honored to share the same web air with you?! You rock!

Favorite comment said...
OK - OK - OK You've done an awesome job with Tess (they should rename her Becky - what do you think?) Who could resist these great assortment? Love her even more now.......TFS......hugs

Attending Leadership in Phoenix was another January highlight. These cards were made using the Oval Scallop Frame die-cut for a swap at Leadership, you can read about them and the matching projects HERE.
Favorite comment said...
Man--having been a blog stalker for a long time--I was HONORED to be able to participate in this swap with you! I just love ALL YOUR STUFF!! Can I hold it up and say "I got this art from Becky and you didn't...nana nana boo boo!" ha ha ha! Just kidding, Becky fans! I'm sure if she were super woman she'd have made these for all her fans! Aren't we lucky she shares so much on her wonderful blog? :O)

Favorite comment said...
GIRL WHY U DO THIS TO MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe.. did you hear me screaming not even squealling OH MY GOSH I want that Cello album OH OHHH OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SO FREAKING CUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTEEE ok off to clean off my drool! ;)


Continuing with my love affair for these Sweet Pea Stitched Felt pieces, I loved this card using the Ornament Punch as a vase for the flowers. You can read about it HERE.

Favorite e-mail...

Becky how in the world did you get the ornament punch to do that? I have tried for an hour to punch the blankety-blank thing like that and I can't figure it out. What is the secret?

Answer...I cut the bottom off with the scissors! Ü


In March, I finally got brave enough to cut fabric with my Big Shot. Sounds kind of silly huh, but it was a big step for me...I don't like new things! Ü
You can read about it HERE and see a quick tutorial on how to make this card.
Favorite comment said...
Becky - your flower pins and cards turned out very lovely. Final Score.......Becky ONE...Hot Glue Gun ZERO!


  1. I am so glad you are doing this!!! What fun it is to see your favorites and the comments are a super fun idea. I must say you have had a wonderful year congrats and here is to another amazing New Year to you and yours!

  2. I just came across your marvelous blog and cannot believe those gorgeous bags are paper crafted. I've subscribed to your posts as you do not have a followers gadget.