Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Year In Review Part 3

Continuing on with my favorites of the July I released my Tres Chic Handbags tutorial. This was the first time I've ever done a printable pattern and I must say it's been quite a success! Perhaps you've seen a couple hundred here. Ü

I love it when people send me pictures of what they make with my stuff. It makes me SO happy!!

I think out of all I've made, these prints were my favorite....or maybe it was the Christmas ones...or the birthday ones... I love them all!!

During the 3 sneak peek days, my favorite comments were ...

...Oh gees Becky, you are killing us all here, I think we are all teased out totally!!!! Please please please don't make us wait too much longer, am bursting to make these NOW!!!! Thx Becky for your 'awesomeness' once again :)
...The suspense for #3 is killing me!!! I've been stalking your blog since midnight waiting to see what it will be ... and then the TUTORIAL needs to be available (um) NOW!!! As usual, they are AWESOME!!!
...AWESOME!!! I love everything Becky and these are no exception!! I look forward to the tutorial!!!

July was also the Stampin' Up! convention and a huge highlight for that month! I love meeting up with friends and seeing all the new things!! July was also the month my blog hit 2 million visitors!!! Wow!


In August I shared some of the gifts I made for convention friends. This was my favorite ensemble. Love the Play Date Designer Series Paper. You can read about these HERE.

Who would have ever thought these little Post It notes would cause such a stir? I copied these from some Angie Kennedy Juda did a year or more ago and I guess we have a whole new bunch of stampers that had never seen them before!! I probably had over a hundred e-mail on these alone! You can get instruction HERE.

Favorite comments were...
Just too cute! You'll make tons of loot, cuz you are so astute! (I never claimed to be a poet so forgive the corny puns)
...Oh my gosh, these are just a hoot! You come up with the cutest convention gifts - loved the Tess matchbook covers with notepad and calendar that you posted last year, too!
...I *so* want to run into you at convention Becky! I love your work, and this guy is adorable. He needs to come to my home. :) You should do an Inking Idaho meet & greet one year. It would be amazing!

September was a fun month also. I traveled to Montana to help my downline and BFF, Kim do her first Stamp Camp. She has a growing downline there and it was great to meet them all as well as so many blog friends who attended her camp.
You can read about it HERE.

Our Spooktacular Projects!

Favorite comments were...
Of course, you know that this means you will have to publish instructions on doing this kind of an event so we can be just as successful here in Texas, right? Ya right!

This was also the beginning of a whole lot of cupcakes which I will tell you all about tomorrow!!!

Another September highlight was being invited to participate in Diana Gibbs swap. I really liked the way these cards turned out and I REALLY like Diana Gibbs!! Here's the scoop.

Here are a few of my favorite e-mails that came in over these months...
I'm not sure this one was suppose to be sent back to me, but I got it! Sue you are NOT going to believe this but Becky Roberts of Inking Idaho looks at MY BLOG!! she sent me a "good job" comment!! Now I feel I have made the big time!!

Becky, do you know how incredibly talented and amazing you are??? Talented, 'cuz everything you come up with is so darn cute, and amazing, because I am SO amazed at how much you stamp and wonder how you have time to stamp so much and still keep up with your family. You are the BOMB!
Please can you move close to me too!! These are awesome!! Will you do this class through the mail? I love all of your projects! I'm sort of thinking about promises yet!

Thanks SO much for visiting my blog AND leaving a message! It made my day!! I went squealing to my husband to tell him 'THE Becky Roberts' had visited MY blog and left a message - he didn't quite understand my excitement until I explained who you were and how cool it was that you visited someone’s blog from the other side of the planet!
Oh my Becky!! Thank you so much!! I have to tell you that I was out with a group of my gal friends and when I got your e-mail on my phone I couldn’t believe it!! I shrieked and told them that Becky Roberts liked my card!! They were just as excited as me...we are all huge fans!!
and those that left me scratching my head...
I’m “new” to this wonderful thing called stamping. What type of machine if any do I need to make these cute purse’s? Please list all the materials, and again sorry!!!
Thanks for the instruction. But I have a problem...I don't know, how I have to glue the sides of the bag. I can´t see it on a photo. Can you send me a photo of the side of the bags?
See you all tomorrow with the final 3 months of 2010. You better make a pot of coffee and settle in... they were AWESOME!!!!!!


  1. I REALLY like you too! In fact, I looove you!
    Can hardly wait for Nashville baby. I hope it can handle us.
    Smmooches and love,

  2. I am loving your year of review! I've been blog-stalking you for over a year now, so it's nice to look back on all your lovely projects!

    See you in Nashville!