Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Year In Review Part 4

Always my favorite month because it's my birthday! However, since I have been blogging, October is now the release of my yearly 12 Days of Christmas tutorial. The 1-12th are preview days and are filled with wonderful comments and anticipation of what is coming each day.

Here are all of the 12 Days of Christmas in the 2010 edition tutorial.

My favorite of this years project was this one.

The biggest surprise was this one! Who would have thought a cupcake would get this much attention! I probably have 100 e-mail asking about these. The idea came from the cupcake that was given to the demonstrators who attended Founders Circle this year. The box was shown at convention. All I did was figure out the measurements and put my twist on it!

I always love what people have to say and here are a couple...

Oh Becky - how I wish you were in the corn state and not the potato state! I would love to come to your workshops! Is there a tutorial on the darling cupcake?

...Do you have a tutorial on the ribbon cupcake? Please tell me it does not involve sewing!!!

...I loved the cupcake. Are you going to share the pattern ?

...These cupcake boxes are adorable along with the cupcakes that have no calories. Thank you for sharing them with us.

I'm not sure I can get through November in a quick much happened!!

I did the Holiday Bazaar at Nicholas old school again this year and posted a picture of my booth. Out of all the things pictured, this little nugget holder got a lot of attention.

Here are a just a few of the e-mails...
...Love the projects! What are the dimensions of the red box the Hershey Nuggets are in?

...How did you wrap the nuggets? Is there a pattern for that or do you just wing it? Thanks for helping.

...I have a quick question for you, what are the dimensions for the cardstock holder behind the nuggets in the bags? I have not seen this done before, and I think it really gives a completed look.
...I would love to know your dimensions for the box in the Hershey Nugget Bags

I tried to answer all the e-mail and I hope you all made them for your craft shows! The bags are Wilton pretzel bags that I cut down a few inches. The dimensions for the nugget tray were 2-1/4" x 5-1/2" or however long you need depending on how many nuggets you put in there. Score at 1/2" down each long side.

My favorite project of November was the Individual Cupcake Box. I made them earlier in the month for the craft show and promised to do a free tutorial on them. During the days between the posting and the promise, I received many, many anxious e-mail and comments. Some of them just cracked me up!

...I'm sure that your email box is already full. And I bet I can guess the question. Probably the same one that I have. Are you going to be putting directions or a tutorial on the individual cupcake boxes? Measurements?

...Can U email me personally about the cupcake boxes. Do u sell a template for these?

...I know you will be sharing the cupcake box tutorial on Wednesday but can you tell just me right now how to make them? I need one tonight for a birthday gift.

...Way to FREAK ME OUT on a Monday morning with that AMAZING cupcake box PLUS the news of the free tutorial...I have to go lay's too much for me on a Monday morning !! You're freaking amazing!!!!!!!

...Did you make the boxes too?

...These cupcake boxes are adorable along with the cupcakes that have no calories. Thank you for sharing them with us.

...You're an "awesome possum". Can't wait, thanks!

Then the biggest news of November...

As many of you know, Stampin' Up! had a goal to recruit 10,000 new demonstrators in 2010. Who could have ever guessed that little old me in Boise, Idaho would be the lucky one to recruit the 10,oooth demonstrator!
You can read ALL about it HERE.

Me, the 10,oooth recruit of 2010 - my friend Farida Jararah and Shelli Gardner in Florida.

I can't even begin to tell you how many awesome e-mail and comments of congratulations I received. What an exhilarating experience! Here are a few of them...

...I just watched that video of the 10,000th demo and your delivery with Shelley ...... as soon as she walked into that building to get you I screamed, "That's Becky Roberts!!!" After all that you have done, and continue to do with blessing others, I'm so glad this happened for YOU!!!

...As soon as I heard there was a video, I thought, I bet Becky signed up the 10000 consultant, then I watched and saw they were in Boise, ID and was more sure. Of course, there you are! You are fantastic and I know the new demo has a great upline!!!!

...PLEASE, CAN I TOUCH YOU ??? Dude, you are, like, so famous! Oh my gosh!!! You've have been in Shelli's private jet??? Congratulations; that's so way cool! I clicked on the 10,000 demos link and the video came up, and I saw "someone" and I though, hey, that looks like Becky, that would be cool. Then I see Shelli walking somewhere and it said Boise, Idaho and I'm like, oh my gosh, it's totally Becky! That's so awesome!!! I'm so happy you were the one who got that experience!! You go girl!

...Congrats on the 10 thousandth recruit. I felt like I knew a celebrity! Couldn't have happened to a nicer person and I mean that!

...OMG !!!! How fun. You are the perfect person to have recruited the 10,000th demo! You're like the poster child for Stampin' Up! Congratulations to you ... and welcome to Farida! What a great week you've had :-)

...I saw your blog, I am SO impressed! I kept reading and my eyes kept bugging out of my head!....I cant believe you spent the night at Shelli's HOUSE! I am so envious! (But love the fact that I can at least say I know YOU, LOL.)

...Becky,Let's just say it couldn't happen to a nicer person than YOU! I'm so thrilled to witness on the SU! website about your venture!! I cried through the whole story on your website!!! Especially when I realized SU! does make a difference in peoples' lives!!! Congratulations on this adventure with your new recruit!!! May you always have blessings through the coming years!!! I'm so grateful, this story has touched my heart!

...Wow! How exciting-as I watch the video, it is so like an Oprah moment. Something she would do. I love it!!!!!

...Becky, I usually don't comment but like a lot of the others, I have been a loyal follower of your blog for a couple yrs. I know this is going to sound super corny, but your story made me shed a tear! I just think we live in a world that is so fast and frenzy that people don't have the time or resources to do random nice things anymore. This was such a kind thing for SU to do for you and your recruit, YAY to them for putting a smile on two people's faces by doing something random...proof that nice things do happen to good people! Congrats, it was well deserved!

I loved this project!! This was my creative gift packaging for my Stamp Club gift exchange. You can see the details HERE.

Sorta CASED from a card I loved that Vicki Burdick showed on Stampin' Connections, this was definitely my favorite December project! I used these for my Stamp Club swap cards. You can read about them HERE.

Keeping in mind that I was going to do a year in review at the beginning of the year, I kept track of the things that got a lot of attention over the year. Two of the biggest non-stamping surprises that generated a TON of e-mail were these two things.

This refrigerator door is a magnetic easel that I picked up at Quilted Bear in Salt Lake City during the Stampin' Up! convention. My intention was to use it for display in photographing fun projects on my blog. I posted it once and OH MY WORD, never again!

To date I've had over 300 e-mail on this cutie! Where did you get it? Does it have a brand on it? Where can I get one?
There isn't a mark on it, I don't know where you can get one, this was the last one at Quilted Bear and they have no idea where it came from. Sorry.

This little baby tops them all!!!!!! I've seriously lost count after about 500 e-mail this year on the photo holder that I use over and over again to photograph cards I've created in multiples. As I've said several times, I bought it about 3 years ago at Target in the photo section for $4.99.
No, I didn't have it made, no I didn't make it, and I do not know how to make one. No, I won't ship them internationally and no I won't call Target to see if they still have them. Ü Everytime I get an inquiry on this I just smile! It never ceases to amaze me what catches my readers attention!

This has been a great year and I thank you all for your support!! Thank you for your e-mails, for leaving comments and for all your encouraging words. You truly mean the world to me. I've enjoyed sharing my projects with you, my family with you and above all my personal experiences with you.
I wish you all a very Happy New Year!!


  1. Becky, thanks for posting here so that I have some interesting ideas to make. Even though you probably don't realise it your family has become mine.
    Have a Very successful 2011.

  2. Hey Becky! I love the year in review! BUT (;)) you said you were gonna post pics of your stamping space ~ so I'm waiting. Maybe that's tomorrow! ;) Love ya girl!

  3. I am loving your year in review! For your readers...the photo holders are really very easy to make.

    You can get blocks of wood at Hobby Lobby or probably any other wood craft store. Drill a hole in the center and cut and bend wire pieces and use E6000 glue to hold the wire pieces in the drilled hole.

  4. Thanks for the shout out Becky on your CASE, sorta, of my card. I sure don't know how you pick your faves of the year, because everything you do is a fave of mine! Love ya girly!!!!

  5. Becky, Your projects are adorable. Your creativity is amazing and I'm jealous! Thanks for all the wonderful eye candy and ideas.


  6. Becky, You so ROCK! I loved sharing this year with you and all of your readers. I get so excited to see what the newest e-mail brings. You have a great sense of humor, a kind heart and oodles of creativity! I'm not quite sure how you are ever going to beat this year but, I'm along for the ride.

  7. I have watched your blog for quite some time now, BUT, have never posted. This year's review has made me aware that I owe you a posting!
    What an awesome SU demo you are! What an awesome artist you are! And what an awesome person you are! I have enjoyed this year's journey on your blog and have CASE'd many of your beautiful creations.
    Congrats on your many achievements. Kudos for all the creative sharing you do through your blog.
    Happy New Year Hugs!
    Kavi Coulson

  8. Becky - I'm a believer! And after 15 minutes laughing (to tears) through your posts I'm a follower too! I think you are absolutely fabulous and cant' wait to be one of the crazy people asking you how you "made" that refrigerator door! (hee hee) so glad to have stumbled upon your blog!!