Thursday, October 11, 2012

11th Day of Christmas

Day 11
Dressing Up! The Cookies
Dress up our cello bags for your finest Christmas cookies!
This is a preview for the 2012 edition of the 12 Days of Christmas.
Tomorrow is the big day, are you ready??  The final preview will be shown and the tutorial will be available!!!


  1. Yes! These are the perfect bags for Cookies because the butter (or, buttah, as Paula says) doesn't cause a stain. FACT: When the smallest of cello bags were listed as retiring, I bought 20 packages of them because my all time favorite thing is dipping a Pepperidge Farm cookie in white chocolate and sprinkles, closing the bag with a "Shelli" topper and handing them out to people who ask me what's Stampin' Up! GREAT! Now I'm hungry for something with icing .... :D

  2. SO cute! We get to purchase the 12 Days of Christmas tomorrow! Woohoo!

  3. Becky, I have loved the 11 Days of Christmas that you have previewed! I can't wait until tomorrow to order the tutorial for all 12!

  4. Do you hear my stomach growling? I am SO READY for the holiday treats!!!! What an awesome project today, I am LOVING THESE! BECKY DA BOMB!

  5. What time are you posting tomorrow? I want to be there and buy that tutorial immediately! My friends and family will love the extra thoughful little goodies this year!