Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Our Annual Pumpkin Baseball Game!

Were you wondering if it was going to happen?  Of course it was! The ceremonial end of season pumpkin baseball game ensued this past weekend while Benjamin was home from Berkeley.  We kept the pumpkins safe this year so they didn't freeze.  See last years disastrous game.
Lined up and ready to go.
One quick check from the umpire/catcher to make sure they are all in good shape.
 First pitch goes to Nicholas.
And the second...
That one was a big pumpkin.  It about knocked him over!
Nailed it!
Time out
This one is the size of a tennis ball...it had to go apparently, because no one was getting that out of her mouth!
Back from college where it's all academics.  Let's see if he's lost his touch.

 A little supervision just in case he misses.

Not a chance - skills are still up to date!
And again!

Time out for another inspection from the catcher.

Last at bat always goes to Dad and he smashes it to bits!
Looks like a time well had, don't you think?  What fall traditions do you have with your family?
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  1. What a great family tradition! Your "boys" are certainly great batters. What fun. I use to have a Golden Retriever, Sandy, very original. Now it is grand-pup, a Chocolate Lab, Killian. What I wanted to comment most about was . . . the photography. What great action shots. I really enjoyed them. Great Job!!
    Nancy Farrell :)

  2. Great tradition but yikes who does all that clean up!?! Glad to see all of that fun. Someday I would love to hear how this idea started...

  3. Replies
    1. Us mom's are willing to do a lot of clean up when it means our family is together!! Your boys get more handsome each time I see pics!!! Lefse is of course our huge family tradition!!

  4. This is so awesome! I know you are the clean up crew and photographer, but next year there better be a photo of YOU smashing pumpkins! LOVE THIS and I always look forward to the photos. Now you can put them in Project Life! :P

  5. I LOVED the pink flamingos in the yard!

  6. Renee what time will that be ready? I'll be right over.
    Yep Julie, I think of you every time I look in the backyard at those hideous pink flamingos that my husband adores!! :)

  7. The action pics are great!! The squirrels are going to down on our pumpkins. It's time to chuck them out back. Wish we had room to play pumpkin baseball. Thomas would nail it!

  8. Ack! *town* not down. Wish I could edit my comment!