Tuesday, September 18, 2018

My Stamp Space Redo

I stamp in the tiny alcove of our bonus room.  
It is the perfect little space for me but I've been struggling with the lighting for oh...about 11 years, *Ü* so I decided it was time to change it up and see if I can fix my problem.

Here are the before pictures.  I love the color but it constantly had this dark red cast on everything.

And now, it is slightly off white, brighter than heck and I'm getting used to a whole new lighting issue - too much. *Ü*  
I like it much better though!

The process...why does anyone paint?  I seriously dislike everything about it!!  But it's done!!

If we ever move, I will have to sell the house with the cupboard and chest because I wasn't about to take it off the wall to paint the back or top of the cupboard.  I will worry about that if the time comes...

Where does all this stuff go?  More like, where did it all come from?
We did a whole house of new carpet this summer and I really should have just done this all at the same time instead of putting it all back in the room and now emptying it all again.  But I always do my best thinking after the fact, story of my life. 

All put back together and up and running in three days - not too bad!

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  1. It looks great Becky! I was scrolling down Hannah says, "Wait, that looks like Becky's stamp room." Yes, it is!

  2. I love the white cabinets! It makes everything look so bright and cheery! You are SO organized. I keep way too much stuff I don't need. Love the new room makeover!!

  3. Hi Becky! It looks great and I love how it is in a small space because that shows the rest of us that we can manage to keep our stuff contained too. Lol. I love painting and will be tackling the house cabinets within the next year. Hope they turn out as good as yours did.

  4. Fun! Loving the redo! I have so much crafty stuff I could and do fill several rooms! but it's SO NOT organized so I envy your skill!