Sunday, September 13, 2020

Top Down Autumn Day

I wish I could drive like this but we have a lot of smoke in the air from the surrounding fires.  It makes me so sad to see all that land and property burn and all the disruption to the lives of so many people.  Sad times we're living in right now on so many levels.
I'm so glad I have something creative in my life to fill my head with happy thoughts; it's good therapy!   
 What do you do to make yourself happy during these uncertain times?  
Leave me a comment and let's chat!

Fall is my most favorite season, so when The Greetery released this pumpkin set to coordinate with the Top Down Stamp Set, I had to have it! 
When Nicholas was in kindergarten, I volunteered to go to the pumpkin patch and pick up 150 pumpkins for a school project.  That would have been fun to fill a convertible!

Each one of these, and all of her sets actually, have a color worksheet in them that shows you exactly where to place each piece for stamping.  It is so cool - no guesswork! AND they all line up perfectly! 
 I freaking love her stamps for that reason alone...well, plus about 100 others, but you know.

I did a little ink blending on the background.  The Jumbo Tag die is one of my favorites, you've seen it often and comes from HERE.

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