Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Candy Pop Peppermint Treats

I've been having so much fun making candy treats!  
I love swirling peppermint anything - not necessarily to eat but I love the look.
These are from the Candy Pop Collection from The Greetery.  

They have perforated backs (which is a separate purchase die) so the recipient can open them without ruining the packaging. I love treats like that! 

You can make them with the circles or the rectangles and both are super cute.  The plastic pieces for the candy come in 1/4", 1/2" and 1" deep and are the same circle ones I used with the Cake Pop dies.

With the rectangle plastic inserts, the 1/2" perfectly fit 3 Hershey nuggets and also fit 2 Lip Smackers Lip Gloss.

I have a friend who loves Hostess Ho Ho's, so I tried to make some that look like that.  I'll admit, they are not nearly as cute as the red and white. 

But they sure look fun and festive all together!  Check them out at The Greetery. They are super easy to make and hold quite a bit!

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  1. These all look amazing and I am now adding these dies to my wish list... Happy Holidays

  2. I love these candy pops! I bought the entire set of dies and supplies because of your post and can't wait to make them for stocking stuffers this Christmas. Thanks Becky!