Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Hug In A Mug Cups & Cookies

I made a few more Huge In A Mug cups for some very special peeps.  I love this die set and I can't get enough of them.  I have a few ideas in mind for Valentines Day that I'm excited to try as soon as all the Christmas festivities are over.

These are such pretty packaging!  You gently lift up on the steam to open the lid and reveal the small gift.  I have Hershey Kisses in these with one of Starbucks shaped gift cards, as they are a little smaller than the regular rectangle ones.
The cup is a separate purchase from the saucer, I'm sure because it isn't necessary, but it sure completes the look. 

The cookies on the saucer are from the Hug In A Mug Sweet Treats Dies - I made probably 50 cookies, I couldn't stop!
Outside of this collection, I pulled out my Cozy Cup Coaster Die to set them on.

The red one turned out beautiful!  I'm not that great of an embosser, so I was nervous to do it, but I didn't mess it up. 
Embossing is one of the first things I learned in stamping almost 20 years ago, you would think I might have the hang of it by now. *Ü*

I hope you make a few of these to share with the special people in your life.  Tag me on Instagram if you so, so I can see!
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