Tuesday, November 16, 2021

All About Tiered Trays At Felt Creative Home Goods

I'm doing a post today all about tiered trays. 
Every time I post photos of my tray, I get questions about it.  I post it a lot, so that's a lot of answering. 😍  I mean, I love them and could talk tier tray all day long, but maybe doing a post will help especially as were coming up on Christmas buying season.

 I buy mine from Felt Creative Home Goods on Amazon.  My friend Britney owns this store and she just added a few new items I'm going to share here as well.  I love supporting my friends and small businesses, as you know if you've been here for a while.

This is the tray I have. I have it in this brown, which is brown with a lot of gray tones, and I have one in white.  It comes in black too and they all come with three heavy metal toppers, so you can change them out as you want.  
The trays come unassembled and nest inside each other.  I disassemble mine to store them, which makes storing and having multiples 😜 so nice.  
This tray is two tiered, is 17-1/2" tall.  The bottom tray is 15" and the top tray is 11".

This is a newer item, the Galvanized Two Tiered Tray.
This also comes in a one tier and a three tier.

I'll let you catch the measurements through the links on this one since there are three different sizes.

This is  a fairly new one as well and super versatile.  This may be my next purchase!

This can be a one tier, two tier or three tiered stand all in one.  The measurements for this one are: bottom 12' x 20', middle 10.5 x 16.5", top 8" x 13".

This option is brand new.  They come in white, this brown and black and are a fun twist on the tiered tray.  These are just risers, you can place them in any position you want, stack them in two or three.  Click over to there store to see how this one can be styled.
Largest riser is 12" x 16", middle is 9" x 12" and the top is 6" x 8".

These are brand new as well and fit right in with the whole farmhouse and  tiered tray decor.
This comes in white, gray, brown and black.

Farmhouse Chicken Wire Countertop Shelf

Letterboards - you all know how much I LOVE these and they come from Britney's shop too.

Size 6" x 6". These come with a black and a white letter set and cursive months and days of the week.
I use these in my tier tray all the time!

Same thing, set of 3 but in rectangles!

Mini Felt Letterboards
Size  4" x 10". These come with a black and a white letter set and cursive months and days of the week.

This is the one in my kitchen, I use this all the time and have made paper flower corsages to dress it up as well as little banners to string across it.
This is the 12 x 16band is currently unavailable - sorry!  The 10 x 10 is available and comes in many colors...like lots of colors which is so cool!

I hope that helps answer some of the questions about the products I use and the links to find them.  I love that you enjoy seeing them enough to ask and I hope you are enjoying having them on your home.

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