Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Inking Idaho Now Has a Kindle App!

You can now follow Inking Idaho on your favorite device.
If you have a Kindle, iPhone, iPad or anything you use to download RSS feed, you can now access it in the following ways.

Inking Idaho blog is now listed on the
Amazon Kindle! And if you have an iPad you can subscribe to my blog feed on Blog Shelf. Both of these are services you pay for through downloading an app for your device.
Here is a screen shot of what you are looking for on Amazon when searching for Inking Idaho.

  • Amazon Kindle will bring my blog to your Kindle for $1.99 a month.
  • Blog Shelf is an iPad app that is $4.99. You can subscribe to my blog feed right from the Blog Shelf app.

Now you can read Inking Idaho from your favorite device! Cool, huh?!

This is just a service you may be interested in, there is no obligation. You can always visit my blog daily and read for free and if you have subscribed to my blog, it's still free. None of that will change. Ü


Here is a cute project made my Maria Matondi. She used the memo board project from the 12 Days of Christmas 2010 Edition to create her memo board using the new Springtime Vintage Fabric.

Maria has a couple of photo on her blog.

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  1. Ohhhh Becky I'm so excited for this news! I ordered a Kindle last week and I'm waiting for it to arrive. Your App will be my first one to get! Thanks for the heads up!