Friday, February 18, 2011

Oh Sew Suite

As I mentioned before, I didn't 'need' any of the Oh Sew Suite collection of products from the Occasions Mini Catalog until I attended Leadership. Now I can't get enough of them, thank you very much Bonnie!

I think it is the change of season (ok, maybe wishful thinking) and the change to bright colors. I'm a pretty seasonal stamper and that often determines my color choices...except reds, I use those for all seasons!

Here are some quick and easy Top Note die-cut notes for my Stamp Club thank yous. LOVE, ,the new tiny pom poms and Stampin' Up! if you are reading, I would like these in Pink Pirouette, Black, White and Cherry Cobbler please. Ü

These are little containers of Keys and Crown Trinkets from the new Occasions Mini Catalog. The lid is made with the new Fun flowers die-cut! I won't bore you with the details of how much I love this die-cut!

Key Trinkets (121892) $5.95

Crown Trinkets (121891) $6.95

The flower sticks over the top a little so I put a scallop circle die-cut in the bottom to balance's a little too big, but looked better with it than without it.

Have you seen these? I saw them on Good Morning America and immediately ran to the computer to order a box of personalized Pop Tarts for the boys. You upload a photo, choose your holiday and personalize it with a name. Super easy and they LOVED them!! My husband laughed at me. He thought I was crazy and there was no way they would think that was cool. WRONG! Mom wins again!

You guys know my goofy friend Diana Gibbs, the Artisan Award winning, Di Gibbs? After I posted this photo in the Double Mini Milk Carton Box tutorial last week she sent me an e-mail with the subject title...Are You Naked?
That definitely caught my attention and got opened immediately! She said look in the reflection of your wedding look naked! I explained to her in great detail, no less, that this body was covered up at ALL times, make no mistake there!
But I can see that maybe, just maybe, it does look like I'm in a black bra...
Just kidding! After enlarging the photo, you can clearly see that is me with my pink camera and my long sleeve black turtleneck...completely covered up!
I hope none of you were thinking I was photographing in the nude over here! Ha, ha! Pretty funny, huh?!!


  1. I love all of your work! I look at absolutely everything and the thought of you being naked showing up in the ring never occurred to me. I am sure glad your pal pointed it out because I laughed so hard I blew coffee everywhere! I LOVE having funny friends! Keep that one close LOL Thanks for the laugh this morning! And your tags, boxes & poptarts are perfect! :)

  2. You are too...much girl. Love all your ideas and thanks for sharing.
    Thanks for the Poptarts tip.
    Have a blessed week-end,SIU.

  3. omigosh you guys crack me up!! oh no now we all have thoughts of you being naked..! eeeeeeeeeeeeks.. : )

    maybe you do your best crafting naked..? --YES? --- NO...LOL.. : )

  4. I don't think I'll ever get tired of top note tags! They always look so good, and now I like the sew suite patterns.

  5. Only Diana!! - Look what I have to put up with....wouldn't have it any other way! - Ha!!

  6. I agree--more poms in more colors! They are so much fun!

  7. Awesome bright colourful work! you make me a little less fearful of using colour. Thanks!

    Can I ask you a question, what do you do with your scraps/leftovers? Do you keep them? I have 2 small containers of scraps that I've been keeping for a year! and there is tons of scraps all over my cutting area. I think it actually distracts from the creativity, but I feel like I'm wasting paper if I throw them out.

  8. Where can I buy the personalized pop tart boxes? Cute idea.

  9. Thanks for the good laugh. I wonder what you do with those top note tags? Are they luggage tags?

  10. Oh My Gosh Becky (& Diana) Thank You So Much For The Laugh!