Friday, August 5, 2011

Card Display

Remember the toilet seat cover shenanigans that my downline played on me? The mastermind turned out to be Julie, my uber creative downline in Ohio. I've shared with you all a few times that when I post cards with my card display, I always get a few inquiries as to where I got it or if I made it. Well...Julie to the rescue! She decorates with toilet seat covers and wire...just kidding!!

She made a card display for herself, then did a tutorial on how to do it for those who want to know how. She has it for sale on her blog for just $2.00.

You can find it HERE.

Here is Julie's card display.

And my card display. Pretty cool, huh?! I love that you can bend the wires anyway you want them!

The painting isn't complete yet, but I did a little kitchen counter stamping this afternoon. I was going through withdrawals's been almost a week!!!

Brandy the Squareheaded Stamper had a fabulous display at convention on the Big Top Suite. I remembered storing this one away in my head! I didn't have any ribbon or dimensionals unpacked, so it's all flat...but a girl always has bling nearby, right!?? I think I have a package of jewels in almost ever cabinet in my house. You never know when you may need to spice up the salt and pepper...get it?!!! Man, I must be exhausted! Only one more night and I can sleep in my own bed again!!


  1. Aw, Becky! I was wondering why I was getting so many hits on ym blog today...LOL! I love the embossed bg! Great job, lady!


  2. Becky I love this bright and crisp! Hope you show pictures of your newly painted home. I need to do the same thing to my home..uhg!