Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Last Summer Vacation's so nice to be home! I love traveling but I really love coming home.

From Jackson Hole we headed past the beautiful, but kind of hazy on this day, Grand Teton mountains on our way to Yellowstone National Park.

Old Faithful. Even though she wasn't too big today at the noon blast, it's still so cool!

Driving around the park looking for animals and sure enough we found them. I asked George to pull over so the kids could take a closer look...

...and look who was laying in the parking space in the parking lot!

We stopped at most of the the geysers and usual stomping grounds we love so much. A lot of the painted pots were dried up! Kind of sad to see the climate changes affect the park.

I love walking behind my guys. Every year I snap a shot of them and frame it to see how much they've grown. We've been doing this since Nicholas was born and over George's shoulder and Benjamin was still walking with his arm around the inside of his leg. I miss those days. *Ü*

This is the lower falls from the top. See that microscopic spot in the middle...that is the bottom. We hiked down to the bottom of it and back up again with the boys. Nicholas was insistent on going and I had on flip flops but being the supermom I am by golly, I did it and lived to tell you about it! Those boys will never be able to say 'Mom wouldn't do it'! And surprisingly, no blisters from the flip flops and no sore legs even 2 days later! Yeah me!!

After the hike...see, I made it! Oh and did I mention I it was 90 degrees outside and the water was in the car? Ok, I'm almost done complaining about it..

Elk getting a drink in the river.

Yellowstone and Jackson Hole are such breathtaking places, we absolutely love visiting there. I guess that is one great thing about being back in Idaho, we are so close to things we love to see. But I'm ready for my ocean and a little 'real' city shopping too. *Ü*

Tomorrow I will show you the swaps from my stamping day last Friday with the Northern Idaho girls.


  1. Thanks for sharing those photos. I live on the east coast in Massachusetts and must say I take the ocean for granted. Nothing like the salt air.... For me, a trip to Yellowstone would be a grand vacation! Maybe one day that will happen!

  2. BEAUTIFUL! Wow what a great time you had with family. Thanks for sharing. Hugs

  3. You go Supermom!!! Congrats for keeping up with your boys! And, three cheers for flip flops.


  4. Oh looky Becky~ You mentioned the bright side about living in Idaho! ;)
    he he he!

  5. FUN FUN VACATION!!! Wow you are a SUPER MOM, hiking in those flip flops! At least you looked CUTE for photos! LOL Love your commentary, and seeing photos of your "family life"! :) TFS!

  6. We went to Yellowstone I think two years ago with our big boys and loved it, including Jackson Hole and the Tetons. The scenery is incredible! I may have lucked out being there in early June...I think that spot you hiked to, possibly down a million stairs??, was still snow-covered so we couldn't go. We just got back from Glacier NP, gorgeous too, but we think Yellowstone still tops the list. Love your photos!

  7. It sure is a beautiful place! It brought back memories and i could relate to your visit to Yellowstone! But where were the bears?

  8. Glad to have you back! I have never been there, maybe one day! I thought the photo of the Waterfall wasn't real! Wow that is a gorgeous place. Arn't Buffalo Big up close lololo

  9. beautiful scenery & great family pictures....are the girls phoning much? great looking sons!

  10. I love snapping pictures of my boys from behind as they're walking too...they grow up way too fast, don't they! We've been to the Yellowstone area a couple of times and it is just breath taking.

  11. Yellowstone Park brings back so many memories. We used to live 70 miles east near Cody, WY. We took some friends from WI back in 1989 and the damage from the 1988 fires was so saddening. Congrats on your fun trip and hiking! And great pictures!!

  12. Great Pictures, thanks for sharing. Our Neighbours went to the Yellowstone two but they traveling from Austria. Idaho is realy a better start position.
    I hope i can see it one day...