Monday, August 15, 2011

A Gift From MAMMa

My friend Marlene, some of you may know her as MAMMa from Diana Gibbs blog, gave me the cutest gift at convention!

Just looking at it I was in love. I didn't even know what it was!! The flower was all sparkly and embossed and the rose on the front is adorable.

When I lifted it out I saw that it was a container for the new Baker's Twine!! She used one of the embellishment containers and put a hole with an eyelet on the side.

She saved one of the middle plastic things from a ribbon spool to put the twine around. Isn't this such a cute little gift for a fellow stamper?? AND a great way to reuse!! Love it Marlene and YOU too!
Edited To Add: The spool is not attached, I just have it in the center for the photo. It's lose in the container.


  1. How very clever! I marvel at the brain power of some of my fellow stampers and then think, "Why don't I ever come up with something this cool?" Hope she doesn't mind that a few of us will case her ingenious idea!!

  2. This is a great idea! and I just threw out a ton of plastic spools over the weekend. arghhhh. Hmmmm...wonder how far down they are in the recycling bin???

  3. How did she attache the ribbon spool to the embellishment container? I can't believe I have been throwing these things in the recycle bin! Very clever!

  4. Hi Becky,

    I FINALLY remembered my password to comment on here...after months! This is long overdue, but I had to comment on your son's cakes, especially the Wizard of Oz one. I'm a huge WOO fan, and that was gorgeous! I may have to try the shoes.. ;)

  5. Becky this is SOOOO cute!! I knew there was a reason I've been keeping the empty ribbon spools and you just showed me why I needed them! So cool, thanks for sharing!

  6. Becky this is FABULOUS! OMG what a great little gift! I sure hope you don't mind me CASING that because I just LOVE the ideas I get from your blog.... and I've CASED lots of things too! (Nancy and I did the SMORES recently) So Thanks for sharing.

  7. What a super idea! I would love a gift like that! Thanks for sharing.