Saturday, December 3, 2011

Downline & Friends

Last week was full of friends and fun! BFF was in town visiting family for Thanksgiving. This was the first time she had been to Boise since we moved here and the first time meeting my family and seeing where I live!

Dinner with the families Wednesday night at Bardenay.

Goofing around outside. The weather was beautiful with no wind for a change and the Christmas lights were so pretty.

Friday we headed out shopping. No Black Friday shopping, we went to places the shoppers were not at! *Ü* We met a new friend, Sandy Young. She recognized us from my blog. She was so funny - she turned to her husband and said 'go get the camera' and off he went with the craziest look on his face. He had no idea what was going on! So funny!

Then Saturday I met up with two of my downline. We were in Pocatello (about 4 hours away) for my nephews birthday party and they were there doing a craft show.

Aimee Austin (from Blackfoot, ID), me and Tami John (from Herriman, UT). I got there about 2 hours before the show closed and those girls had practically sold out!!

Look at these darling Santa's that Tami made out of those big candy cane sticks. Naturally I had to buy a couple of them!

I tried to get a chose up of the face so you can see all the Top Note die-cut parts he's made of, but I didn't want to unwrap it.

Just for fun, throwing in a picture of Eric. After I was done photographing the 12 Days of Christmas tutorial, I tossed the greenery on the floor and it instantly became his. He is seriously in love with it. He plays with it, naps with it and protects it if anyone dares touch it. That is a messed up cat!


  1. That is a seriously cute cat. So are the candy cane Top Note Santas. Have a really Happy Holiday. Hugs to you.

  2. No wonder those girls sold out! Cute stuff! Cat garland....the newest Holiday accessory, who knew?

  3. Your cat is so like mine! Every Christmas he does the same thing - lays on the garland while we string it on the banister. I feel so guilty when we use the last end so he HAS to get off. Love those Santa toppers.

  4. Extremely cute and innovative santas!! Yeah Kimmy BFF, how fun!!

  5. The too funny! But your's is better than mine. Mine...eats the tree. Artificial tree does not digest--it stops up a cat better than a cork. Trust me, I know. We're two for two with vet visits for well-unstopping the cat! I am either going to have to get very creative (hang it from the ceiling maybe?) or give up the tree! The cat stays. Only one I rescued as raised from kittenhood! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Becky ALL these projects are awesome! thanks so much sharing. hugs.