Monday, December 26, 2011

What A Fun Christmas!

This year our oldest son, Benjamin wanted money for Christmas. He is saving for the new iPad and also wants spending money for his Washington D.C. trip this spring break. I know he is at the age where money is the BEST gift of all...but we didn't want to just hand him the bills in a tiny box. So Santa made him a money tree!

This was the MOST fun I've had all Christmas season!! I started with a Styrofoam cone shape, a dowel, moss and floral pins. I accordion folded each bill and pinned it to the tree. It was much easier than I thought it would be and the wounds from the pin pricks on my fingers are almost healed! OMG - that was torture!! Money is strong!!

This was supposed to be a $200 gift but it ended up $206 because I packed the bottom ones a little tighter than the top and needed just a few more. Or I guess I could have taken the thing apart and started over, but it was worth my $6 not to have to do that!

Santa came!

I love those first expressions as they figure out which is theirs.

Nicholas got his new TV and a Blu-Ray player.

Benjamin loved the money tree and his Envy H.P. printer.

Sarah decided this one was for her and she hung on to it till the end! It wasn't, but she didn't care. *Ü*


  1. Becky, Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you and your family! I loved viewing the money tree and the picture of your puppy holding on to that present is precious!

  2. What a super fun idea for the money tree! I'm going to pin this onto pinterest as it would work great for my boys too!

  3. Looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas.
    Love that your doggy nabbed a gift, teehee.

  4. The money tree is a beauty! But how is Benjamin EVER going to be able to destroy it to get his dollars?!What a great time!

  5. The money tree is so clever! It will be scrapbooking that picture! And I LOVE your house! :)

  6. * It will be FUN scrapbooking that picture... :)

  7. And they say money dont grow on tree's. What a fab idea. Thanks for sharing. Hope you had a fab christmas.
    hugs julie

  8. Looks like you had a great Christmas. I love that money tree. TFS.

  9. Wow Becky, can you adopt me?! Your boys are so lucky! Love the tree idea, you are so clever. It would cost a lot to make that here in New Zealand, our lowest bill is a $5 one! Gluing coins to a cone for my daughter would be a bit mean...

    Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

  10. Too funny about Sarah's "gift"!

  11. Money tree! How adorable!

    Team Craftwell

  12. Becky, Wishing you and your family a very healthy and happy New Year. Thank you for another year of inspiration and education your talent always inspires me to create and do better!