Friday, December 9, 2011

Wednesday Stamp Club Christmas Party

I have all three Stamp Club Christmas parties this week! What fun!

Here are the highlights of Wednesday night. We had a card swap and a gift exchange. The gift had a $5 maximum because it was all about the wrap!

All the swap cards are lined up and ready to go!

Janet started out the evening by giving her gift to Jennifer Smyth.

Jennifer received an adorable gingerbread house with a ribbon assortment inside. The photo of the house had Jennifer's eyes closed. :) but here are the ribbons.

Jennifer Smyth's card swap

Diana Lund received a gift from Jennifer Smyth - a darling hand hand sewn oven mit from the Holly Berry fabric.

Diana Lund's swap card

Jennifer Hall received a gift from Diana Lund - hand stamped insert to a Starbucks card and a darling pair of earrings.

Jennifer Hall's swap card

Helen Allen received a beautiful box from Jennifer Hall. It had a Starbucks card inside.

Helen Allen's swap card

Cori Beynun received a beautiful Fancy Favor gift box from Helen Allen. It was one box inverted on top of another. Inside was a bar of handmade soap and a darling new baby ornament for the soon to be new mom.

Cori Beynun's swap card

Janet Jennings received a gift from Cori Beynun wrapped in tin foil with a beautiful tin foil bow. Inside was a music box.

Janet wore her packaging as a bracelet!

Janet Jennings swap card

I received a super cute little can from Martha Stockwell decorated in Holly Berry Designer Series Paper filled with coffee and chocolate covered coffee beans.

My swap card a CASE from my good friend Lorri Heiling. Directions can be found HERE.

Martha Stockwell received a gift from Patches Moats. She decorated the container that the soup mixes were in - so cute!

Martha Stockwell's swap card

Patches Moats received a gift from me. It was Bath & Body Works lotion with a manicure set in the pocket.

Patches Moats' swap card

We had a great Christmas party and I'm so proud of all their swap cards and their creative gift packaging!


  1. Becky - I am loving your lotion and manicure set holder - do you offer a tutorial on it?

  2. WOW What a fun Stamp Club this month!!! Looks like a bunch of Creative Clubbers you have there! Thanks for sharing (and for the shout out, you're so sweet!)

  3. What a great group of creative ladies. The cards and wrappings were innovative! Lorri,you rock!:)

  4. I SO wish I could be in your Stamp Club, but I live in Seattle! I love all the cards and great packaging - I'm wondering if Janet might be willing to share how she made the Gingerbread house box - I have a niece who LOVES gingerbread houses, and this would be great to make for her!

  5. Mary -
    E-mail me directly at and I will send it on to Janet and see if she wants to share info. Thanks, Becky

  6. looks like so much fun, starbucks must be loving you ladies - I think we are more about coffee club!! x