Thursday, January 24, 2019

Forced New Bedding and Bedroom Redo

I'm going to start with this really pretty picture because this is where the story will end as well.  You all know I have this cute golden retriever named Daphne, right?  Nothing like a year old puppy to give a good story!

Here she is with her Nerf rings that she absolutely loves and that got her in a bunch of trouble.

These pictures are after the fact, but she decided to go into our bedroom and bury those rings in the bedding.  Somewhere along the way she got a little out of control.  I had just made the bed, put all the pillows back on and left not even 7 minutes before this.  I knew she was laying in there but I had no ideas THIS had happened  - and so fast... one of the many blessings in not being able to hear well. *Ü*

I returned to the bonus room as was at the computer when she came down the hall with some fluff in her mouth.  Those of you who follow me on Instagram and or Facebook, watched this play out, but for those of you who don't, here is the video.

So...after much thinking and looking, I've selected new bedding.  I chose the one in the top photo which is gorgeous.  So now I have to work on redecorating our bedroom.  The walls in the photos are much more yellow that in real life, but I'm thinking a white headboard and white night stands.  I want to try to find something eclectic and old and paint them myself.  Unless of course, Joanna Gaines would like to show up at my house, then she can do whatever she wants!  Wouldn't that be FUN!!

Blush Piedmont Comforter Set

I have lots of blush in my house, it is my very favorite color.  In fact, it was the color of my wedding and wedding dress 25 years ago.  I've always hesitated to decorate with it because our boys are color blind and see it as a gray blue and really don't like it.  Fast forward to now when they are gone and the color has made a comeback!
Don't judge - we all change in a quarter century! LOL

I've added a little blush to our living room as well.  Here is the link to the pillows just so you can see. Unfortunately they are sold out, but they have lots of others and you can search by color. Or here to something very close from Amazon.

The larger pillow in the white chair is here.  The throw on the back of the brown recliner is here.

So...if you need new bedding, let me know and I can send my dog over to destroy your current bedding in 7 minutes flat! 
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  1. That is so funny. Well you know what I mean. Lucky you having blush in your living room. My hubby would allow, as long as he is warm. Oh the days of the one year old. Mine are 9 and 11 now. 9 year old licked at the walls when a baby. So weird. The 11 year old would take tabs off the back of our tennis shoes. Also any tag on towels and such. Have a great day.

  2. OMG! Years ago when one of our dogs was a puppy she got hold of a container of baby powder, bit a whole(s) in it, and ran all around the house and furniture with it!! What a site it was!! xoxo

  3. No puppy in this house! Just a seven year old Lab, that needed to make her "nest" in our DOWN COMFORTER! Yes! feathers everywhere! And it's was a beautiful eggplant color that I can't match anywhere! Your new set is beautiful.

  4. I can't help but laugh. I'm so sorry. :) That was a great story. I love the blush and have begun to transform a lot of my home to blush and rose golds. Your home is beautiful.