Sunday, May 9, 2021

Concord & 9th May Release - Butterflies and Rainbows!

It is the 9th of the month, which means it is time for the Concord & 9th May Release!  YAY!

This month is lots of rainbows and butterflies, bold graphics and two new Turnabout stamps. The new product video is at the bottom of this post.

Another bold graphic sentiment set called Everyday Sayings.  I LOVE this set! The huge 'hi' and 'hello' are perfect card size.  It also included two scripty fonts on 'friend' and 'so grateful'.
for this card I used the 'hi' and 'there' from Everyday Sayings and the 'I think you are incredible' is from the Bold Butterflies Bundle.
The print on the 'hi' is made with the Fluttering By Turnabout.

The background on this one is made with the Fluttering By Turnabout.  Hello and friend are from 
Everyday Sayings.  The butterfly index ring (see video) is made with index cards, 1/2" binder rings and the Bold Butterflies Bundle.

Pretty much the same on this card, the background on this one is made with the Fluttering By Turnabout.  'So grateful' is from Everyday Sayings.  
'Thank you for being so kind' is from Bold Butterflies Bundle.
The butterfly index ring (see video) is made with index cards1/2" binder rings and the Bold Butterflies Bundle.

The background on this card is the new Sketched Dots Turnabout.  'Hello' and 'friend' are from Everyday Sayings

Switching gears to a fun new rainbow set, these two cards are made with the Rainbow Stitches and Strings Bundle. This rainbow is made to mimic the trend in the photo below.

Pretty fun, huh?
My final card is made with the 
 Sketched Dots Turnabout on the background and the stitched rainbows in the Rainbow Stitches and Strings Bundle.

Another fun month of new products from Concord and 9th.  be sure to check out the website for the entire release and remember, if you need it all, HERE is the one click button. 

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